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A Genuine Kashmiri Handmade & Handicraft Products being brought to your doorstep by J&K Handicrafts(S&E)Corporation under the trade name of KASHMIR Government Arts Emporium, a Pioneer Organization of J&K Govt. 

WALNUT WOOD CARVING is one of the important crafts in Kashmir. Walnut wood furniture occupies pride of place in Kashmiri households; it is also an essential constituent in a bride’s wedding trousseau. The peculiar characteristics of the walnut wood facilitate exquisitely detailed and intricate carving. Wood Carving is done on a variety of objects ranging from furniture like table, sofa, beds, chairs, Writing desks, Dining tables, show almirahs, partitions called Screens, chest of
drawers, side boards, Table lamps to jewellery boxes, trays, dry fruit bowls and various other home decorative items. There are several varieties of carving like deep-carving usually with dragon or lotus flower motifs, shallow carving, done all over the surface, open or lattice work, usually depicting the chinar motif and semi carving. The traditional finishing is being done by wax polishing to keep the wood in its natural form. The whole process of carving is being done by hand
with small traditional tools of carving.

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