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A Genuine Kashmiri Handmade & Handicraft Products being brought to your doorstep by J&K Handicrafts(S&E)Corporation under the trade name of KASHMIR Government Arts Emporium, a Pioneer Organization of J&K Govt.

PAPIER MACHE’ is the French word for Chewed Paper. Papier-mache’ is a delicate decorative art which shows the artistic zeal of a craftsman, involves the use of paper pulp for creating beautiful artefacts by moulding paper pulp in various shapes and designs painted by expert craftsmen in lifelike images of kingfisher, maple leaves and other motifs. The whole process from waste paper soaking to final ready product of art is being done by hand which travels many pairs of talented hands before reaching to art-lover’s hands. Papier mache as an art is being done on some wooden articles varies from small to big items also.